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The government is forcing banks to provide meaningful mortgage relief. Find out what is possible for you today.

The major banks and lenders all got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They have settled with the government (without admitting wrongdoing!) but have been forced to help homeowners with billions of dollars worth of loan modifications, short sales and relocation incentives. Find out what you can get today.

You don't need to pay thousands of dollars to an attorney to get a loan mod.

Most law firms charge between $3,000-$4,000 to help you get a loan modification. The Ark Mortgage Assistance Program is designed to get you help you deserve at a price you can afford. You'll get an attorney and a paralegal on your team, fighting for your loan mod. The fee includes unlimited consultations so that you will always know exactly what is going on.

Eliminate the stress of having to negotiate with your bank.

Your lender (or servicer) can make it very difficult to get a loan modification. They can give conflicting instructions, lose your documents repeatedly, change the terms of your loan mod after you've successfully completed your trial mod plan, or just flat out ignore you. Get the help you need with the Ark Mortgage Assistance Program and force your lender to help you and get some immediate relief for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can you help me stop the foreclosure of my home?
In many (but not all) cases it is possible to stop a foreclosure. Some options include paying back all of your payments (if you have the money), getting your lender to accept a payment holiday (forbearance) if you have a temporary income disruption, or a permanent loan modification agreement. Non-home retention options include a short sale of you home or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Call our office for a free consultation to find the option best for you.
Can filing bankruptcy stop a foreclosure? 
Yes, in many instances you can file bankruptcy almost up to the minute before your house is scheduled to be sold at a foreclosure auction. Not everyone qualifies for bankruptcy so if you are thinking of using this option to stop your foreclosure, call our office to be pre-qualified at no charge to you.
How long does a short sale take?
The length of the time depends on who your lender is, the kind of loan you have, and who is negotiating your short sale. The time range is typically between 3-5 months. We have helped over 2,000 homeowners sell their home short. We push for the fastest timeline possible so that you can get relief and a fresh start as soon as possible.
Will my mortgage lender reduce my principal amount?
Typically no. In general your mortgage lender or servicer will provide a range of options depending on your situation. They include cancelling your missed payments, extending the length of the loan in order to lower your payment amount, or adding your missed payments to the total principal amount.
Can they still foreclose on my home while I apply for a loan modificiation?
Yes, unfortunately most states allow dual-tracking by your loan servicer. What that means is that you can be working with one department and moving along well towards a loan modification but then find out that another department is agressively pushing you towards a foreclosure sale date. If we are representing you we push hard to talk to the people who control the forelclosure and make the case to put it on hold during the loan modification review process.
Will I qualify for a loan modification?
That's a difficult question. Not because we don't have your information yet, but because lenders and servicers don't always work in a rational manner. Some people with great finances get denied and others with very low incomes get approved. In addition, there are a variety of loan modification programs, some that are federal and standardized and some that are internal to the lender. The internal "in-house" loan modification programs are really hard to predict as they don't publish their criteria. If you are interested in a loan modification it is worth giving it a shot.