Ark Law Group specializes in providing total financial relief to distressed homeowners and consumer borrowers. The attorneys at Ark Law Group are experts in foreclosure prevention, debt settlement, bankruptcy law, loan modifications, mortgage mediations and short sales.

Since the last economic downturn, we’ve been able to help over 2,541 homeowners with their loan modifications, we've successfully negotiated over 2,572 short sale approval letters and we've eliminated over $241 million dollars in mortgage debt.

However, at Ark Law, we know that debt is about much more than just numbers. We understand the challenges of debt and the personal toll it can take. Our client testimonials that we receive every month are the reason why we do what we do.

Our Mission: We want to help you sleep better at night. We want to take the weight off of your shoulders. We want you to be able to let go of your problems and give them over to a trusted, experienced professional. We want to help you solve your problems and let you get a fresh start.

Are you looking for some help with your situation immediately? We offer a Pro Bono legal consultation to all homeowners. These phone consultations will answer all of your debt, mortgage and bankruptcy questions at no charge to you. Just fill out the contact form now.

Our attorneys and staff look forward to learning about your situation, helping you resolve your challenges and getting you the fresh start you deserve.