Dealing With Delinquency

A fast and permanent solution to shedding debt.

Bankruptcy is not the right solution for everyone. But many homeowners who are in debt are just honest people who simply want to clear their name and get a fresh start. Bankruptcy does that. Over one million Americans declare bankruptcy each year.

Exempting assets, including equity in the family home.

Many people are afraid to even consider bankruptcy, because they believe it means they will lose everything. However, bankruptcy can allow for exempting assets. Many people who declare bankruptcy don’t lose anything at all.

Filing bankruptcy instantly stops the foreclosure process.

In Chapter 7, this stop may be temporary, but it buys you time to investigate other options. In Chapter 13, this stop may be permanent, provided that you work out a plan with your lender: to negotiate a loan-modification, to come up with a repayment plan, or to short sale the home.