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How Every Person Has the Chance to Help the Homeless Community

The Road to Homelessness Isn't Always What You Expect

America, Home of the...Homeless?

How a Mindset Shift and Policy Reform Could Decrease the Homeless Population

Permanent and Affordable Housing Can Eliminate Homelessness

Investments in Permanent Housing Have the Most Prominent Impact on Homelessness

Awareness and Understanding Are the First Steps to Solving Homelessness

The Barriers Surrounding Homelessness Must Be Eliminated

Removing the Stigma Associated with Homelessness

Giving a Sense of Community Back to Our Homeless Population

Temporary Housing in Exchange for Work Could Decrease Homelessness

Systematic Change and Government Intervention Could Reduce Homelessness

Ending Homelessness May Require an Ideological Change Toward Housing and Poverty

The Historical Significance of Race Within the Homeless Community

Homelessness is Often a Cyclical Feedback Loop

Is Desensitization Preventing us From Helping the Homeless?

The Misunderstood Issue of Poverty

Student Voices Fall 2018 Scholarship Winner

The American Housing Crisis Can't Be Eliminated, But It Can Be Improved

Lack of Affordable Housing Results in Alternative and Substandard Living Conditions

Upward, Downward, and Outward Expansion Might be the Solution for Housing Shortages

Economic Growth Favored Over Quality of Life in Today's Housing Market

How We Move Forward in the Unsustainable Climate of the Affordable Housing Crisis

New Houses Are Not Being Built Quickly Enough to Meet Demand

Exploring the History of the Housing Crisis & Our Need for Quality Affordable Housing

Why Communities Should Garner Political Capital to Help Solve Affordable Housing Shortages

Analyzing the Inequalities in Housing Opportunity

Examining the Root Causes of Affordable Housing Shortages

Top 4 Loan Modification Servicer Errors Hurting Homeowners - CFPB

How Supply and Demand Has Impacted America's Housing Shortage

Alternative Paths to the American Dream

Can You Afford Housing on Minimum Wage?

Focusing on Improvements to the Housing Shortage

Underlying Causes of Metropolitan Overcrowding

Could Subsidies and Inclusionary Zoning Create More Affordable Housing Units?

Social Factors and Potential Solutions to the Urban Housing Crisis

Innovative and Creative Solutions to the Metropolitan Housing Shortage

Student Voices Spring 2018 Scholarship Winner

Number of Homes in Foreclosure in Washington State - as of June 1, 2018

What Is a Foreclosure Mediation Bad Faith Certificate?

Is Suing Your Lender a Good Idea After Getting a Bad Faith Certificate?

The Bad News About Receiving a Bad Faith Certificate

The Benefit of Your Loan Being Sold While You Are in Foreclosure Mediation

Can I Use Both a Housing Counselor and an Attorney in My Mediation?

Can I Attend My Foreclosure Mediation Session via Conference Call?

Can My Bank Sell My Loan While I Am in Foreclosure Mediation?

How Do I File a Complaint About a Housing Counselor in a Foreclosure Mediation?

What Do I Need to Bring to a Foreclosure Mediation?

How to Know If Your Foreclosure Mediation Attorney Is Doing a Good Job

Should I Use a Housing Counselor or an Attorney for My Foreclosure Mediation?

How Do I File a Complaint Against A Foreclosure Mediator?

Why Does the Bank Always Want to Close the Mediation Down?

When Would It Be Good to Agree to Close Down My Foreclosure Mediation?

What to Say When Your Bank Wants to Close Down Your Foreclosure Mediation

Do I Get to Speak Directly to My Bank at a Foreclosure Mediation?

Am I Required to Have an Attorney or Housing Counselor Represent Me in Mediation?

What Should I Wear to My Foreclosure Mediation Session?

Can I Switch Attorneys or Fire My Attorney During Foreclosure Mediation?

Can I File for Foreclosure Mediation If I Have a Low Credit Score?

Why Are Some Banks and Lenders Exempt From Foreclosure Mediation?

What Can I Do If I Don’t Like My Foreclosure Mediator?

3 Reasons Why a Lender Would Agree to Voluntary Mediation

What is Voluntary Mediation?

What is the Washington Foreclosure Fairness Act Mediation Program?

Is the Washington Foreclosure Fairness Act Good for Homeowners?

Who is Eligible to Participate in the Foreclosure Mediation Program?

What is a “Primary Residence” in a Foreclosure Mediation?

Am I Eligible for Foreclosure Mediation If There Are Multiple Borrowers?

Can I File for Foreclosure Mediation for a Borrower Who Has Died?

What to Do When You Are Told No During Foreclosure Mediation

Rank Your Options Before Going to Mediation

You Still Have Options if Your Foreclosure Mediation Didn’t End Well

Can I Have More Than One Foreclosure Mediation?

When Can I File For a Foreclosure Mediation?

How Do I Know If I Have Received a Notice of Default (NOD)?

Where Will My Foreclosure Mediation Take Place?

When Should I Have a Private Conference With My Attorney During the Foreclosure Mediation?

What Are the Dangers of the Homeowner Talking at a Foreclosure Mediation?

Do I Have to Attend My Mediation Session?

What Do I Need to Know About the Day of Mediation?

Modern Era Technology Will Change Many Lives

Hope for the Future Workforce

Government Should Use "Invisible Hand" When Regulating Workforce Automation

Government Must Tax Automation To Offset Unemployment 

6 Things You Need to Know Before You Apply for a Loan Modification (Plus 4 Bonus Tips)

What Are My Options if My Bank Says "No" to Me at My Foreclosure Mediation?

Humans Will Still Thrive with a Larger Automated Workforce

Automation Breeds Economic Growth

Technogical Innovations Will Increase Unemployment

Automation Opens Door to Positive Social Changes

Automation Provides Next Step For Humankind

Industial Revolution Parallels Modern Times

Will technology replace us in society?

Student Voices Fall 2017 Scholarship Winner

Short Sale Best Option for Both Borrower and Lender

Regulations Encourage Cautious Lending

Short Sales: A Practical Solution

Save Our Home AZ: What You Should Know

Short Sale Does Not Fulfill Borrower Obligation

Lenders Should Allow Homeowners to Walk Away After Short Sale

Deficiency Judgments Go Too Far

Government Should Mediate Short Sales

Homeowners Are Equally Accountable As Banks

Summer 2017 Scholarship Winner: Short Sales Policies in America

Full Student Debt Forgiveness Does Not Seem Like a Reasonable Dream

Scholarships Underutilized to Avoid Student Loan Debt

Is College Affordable for Today’s Students?

Government Must Guide Students to "Hireable" Degrees

Students Must Shift Mentality Regarding Loan Debt

Student Loans: Who, And What, They Effect

Student Loan Debt Triples Over Previous Decade

Legislators Must Halt Further Tuition Hikes

The Shifting Paradigm of Education

Government, Not Tuition, Should Fund Infrastructure Improvements

Student Debt: European Example May Show U.S. a Way Forward

Two Perspectives on the Student Loan Debt Crisis

Generation Gap Prevents Student Loan Reform

Changes to Student Loan Repayment Plans a Must

The Emotional Toll of Student Loan Debt

State Programs to Help You Prevent Foreclosure in Washington State

Discharging Student Debt Through Bankruptcy: Pros Outweigh the Cons

State Programs to Help You Prevent Foreclosure in New Jersey

Scholarship Winner: The State of Student Loans

State Programs to Help You Prevent Foreclosure in Arizona

How to Negotiate With Your Lender and Get a Foreclosure Postponement

"Too Big to Fail" Survived Dodd-Frank; How Will America Handle the Next Financial Crisis?

Dodd-Frank Scores an “A” for Increased Transparency and Regulation and “F” for Lack of Punishment

Without These Two Changes, the Financial Industry Could Collapse Again

Dodd-Frank Succeeded in Protecting Us, but Did We Learn Our Lesson?

Did Dodd-Frank Inadvertently Increase Inequality and Stunt Economic Growth?

Are You Eligible for Mortgage Help Through the Hardest Hit Fund?

Scholarship Winner: Evaluating the Success of the Dodd-Frank Act

How to Win Your Loan Modification Appeal

Foreclosure Stats for 2016: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Homebuyer Education is the Best Defense Against Unethical Lenders

Financial Pitfalls to Avoid for First Time Home Buyers

The Need For More Banking Oversight to Prevent Anti-Predatory Lending

The Movement to Block Foreclosure King Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary is Growing

Protecting Working Americans is More Important than Protecting Big Banks: Why We Need Dodd-Frank

Practical Tools to Own a Home and Avoid Trouble

What You Should Know Before Buying a Home

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Introduce New Flex Loan Modification Program for 2017

Why Extending the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act Will Help to Slow Down Foreclosures

Bias Against Minority Borrowers Has Led to Continued Homeownership Struggles

This Foreclosure Crisis is Far From Over: Why the Government Should Extend HAMP

Increased Student Debt Might Be Hurting the Housing Market

A Look Into Loan Modification Options

This Isn’t Brain Surgery: Ben Carson is Not the Right Pick for HUD Secretary

Blockbusting Resurrected

Treasury Secretary Appointee Steven Mnuchin: Will He Protect Borrowers from the Big Banks?

The American Nightmare

Is the Dream of Homeownership Actually Deepening the Wounds of a Broken Society?

How a Mindset of Entitlement Can Turn the American Dream into a Nightmare

Unscrupulous Lenders Preying on the American Dream of Owning a Home

The Altered State of the American Dream

A Runner-Up Essay for the Ark Law Group Fresh Start Scholarship

Scholarship Winner: Homeownership and The American Dream

How Does a Short Sale Work?

Update on the Ark Law Group Fresh Start Scholarship

Bank of America Short Sale

Mortgage After a Short Sale

How Long Does Foreclosure Take?

How to Avoid Foreclosure

The Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Short Sales

Foreclosure Process

7 Myths About Short Sales

How to Win a Short Sale Value Dispute

What Does it Mean to Reinstate Your Mortgage Loan?

How an FHA Loan Impacts Your Short Sale

12 Steps to Sell Your Home and Get Rid of Your Debt

Facing Foreclosure, a 66-Year-Old Widow’s Legacy Was SAVED by Trump!

Washington Foreclosure Attorney

How Do Foreclosures Work in Washington?

What Happens With a Mortgage Service Release?

Can Someone Else Take Over My Mortgage Payment | Mortgage Assumption

What Should You Do If Your Mortgage Lender Says You’re Eligible for Mediation?

How to Appeal a Mortgage Loan Modification Denial

What to Do If You Fail the Net Present Value Test for a Loan Modification

Struggling With Your Ocwen Loan Modification? Here’s What to Do

Trial Payments and Mortgage Modification - The Good News

HAMP Program Guidelines – How Do You Qualify for HAMP?

Boeing Employees Facing Layoffs May Qualify for Free Legal Help

Are You Required to Report Extra Income to Your Mortgage Lender?

Can't Make Your Mortgage Payment - Options Other Than Foreclosure

What You Should Know Before Going Into Mortgage Mediation

Facing Foreclosure? Here's One Way to Get Paid to Move

How to Take Full Advantage of the Equator Short Sale System

Do You Have Foreclosure Questions? We Have Answers for Arizona Homeowners

Top 5 Reasons Loan Modifications Get Denied

What the New Consumer Protection Guidelines Mean to Short Sale Real Estate Agents

2 Reasons Lenders Make High Short Sale Counter Offers, How to Dispute Them

Facing Foreclosure? Get Help From the Ark Mortgage Assistance Program

Is a Short Sale Right for You? | Factors to Consider

Should You Be Persistent in Short Sale Negotiations?

How to Talk to Your Lender During Your Loan Modification Application Process

What Should You Look for When Approved for a Mortgage Modification?

What Happens When Your Short Sale Seller Has an FHA Loan

Unemployment Forebearance - What Is It? How Do You Qualify?

How to Get Multiple Offers on a Short Sale Listing

How to Make Sure Your Mortgage Loan Modification Becomes Permanent

Is Nationstar Putting Your Short Sale Property Through an Auction?

Property Tax and Homeowners Insurance Rules on Reverse Mortgages

Powerful Short Sale Negotiation Strategies

3 Keys to Getting the Right Valuation on a Short Sale Property

How to Prove Your Home is Your Primary Residence for Loan Modification

How Real Estate Agents Get Through the Short Sale Processing Phase — Fast!

These 3 Bank Statement Details Will Help You Get Your Loan Modification Approved

How to Use the Title Report as Your Roadmap to Short Sale Negotiation Success

Falling Behind on Mortgage Payments - Try Loan Modification

Speed up Your Short Sale With This Quick Checklist

What Could Be the Reason My Loan Modification Was Denied?

Reverse Mortgages Can Go Bad So You Have To Be Informed

Should You Claim Bad Faith on Your Mortgage Lender?

Need Help Getting a Mortgage Loan Modification

Why a Mortgage Loan Modification Can Seem So Complicated

How to Move Fast on a Mortgage Loan Modification

Good News About Our Mortgage Loan Modification Program

Top 10 Books on Debt Relief – Learn How to Eliminate Debt

Mortgage Assistance Program Can Help You Keep Your Home

What You Need to Know About the FHA Short Sale Process

What to Look for in Your Short Sale Approval Letter

Answers to Your Top 10 Questions About Short Sales

Why Should I Consider a Short Sale?

Real Estate Agents Short Sale Title Clearing Checklist

Top 10 Books About Short Sales | Great Short Sale Resource

How to Avoid Last-Minute Closing Issues on a Short Sale Transaction

8 Ways Brokers Can Be Sure They Have the Right Buyer for a Short Sale

Tips to Help You Negotiate Short Sale or Loan Mod With Your Lender

Your Legal Rights: Timelines and Milestones in the Foreclosure Process

While Qualifying Under Two Types of Hardship, This Couple’s Home Still Came Within One Week of a Trustee’s Sale and Foreclosure

Homeowners Association Can Stop a Short Sale and Force Foreclosure

How to Get the Best Broker Price Opinion (BPO) for Your Short Sale

How to Stop a Foreclosure or Trustee Sale | Local Foreclosure Lawyers

HAFA Short Sale | More Money to Homeowners and Settling Debt Easier

A Short Sale With a Deficiency Balance: What Does it Mean for You?

What's Next for the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act?

The Foreclosure Fairness Act | Need Help With Your Mediation

What to Do If You Received a Foreclosure Notice in Washington State

PNC's Loss Mitigation Program – Misguided at Best

Have You Been Hit by the Ocwen Foreclosure Scandal?

How to Find a Foreclosure Attorney | Foreclosure Legal Assistance

You Are Telling Me That ONLY 10% of Mortgages Being Underwater is a Good Thing?

How to Speed-up Processing During an FHA Short Sale

How to Handle the Banks’ High Counter Offer on Your Short Sale

HELOC Resets Will Pressure the Economic Recovery

Six Solid Alternatives to Foreclosure

The Customer Service Conundrum - Doesn't Everyone Deserve Your Best?

Top Ten Frequently Used Debt Relief and Short Sale Terms

New or New & Improved? The Change in the FICO Model is a Story Waiting to Unfold

Are There Improvements in the Housing Market as Foreclosures Decline?

Mortgage Settlements | Are You Eligible For Cash?

Underwater Homeowner Avoids Foreclosure on Her Renton, WA Condo - Bank of America Forgives $46,000 in Mortgage Debt!

Short Sale Approved in Just One Month - Homeowners Have $198,000 of Mortgage Debt Written Off by Wells Fargo!

Continuing Foreclosure Crisis for African-Americans and Latinos a Result of Discriminatory Predatory Lending

Short Sale with Nationstar? Helpful Tips for Surviving

Bankruptcy May be the Fastest Way to Regain Financial Stability

Foreclosures Are Unexpectedly Back on the Rise - a Sign of Yet Another Foreclosure Wave Ahead?

When “Good” Guidelines Go Bad: Protecting the Rights of Our Clients in the Face of Confusion

Did You Get a Notice of Trustee Sale or Sheriff Sale?

HAFA Short Sale Success - Debt Forgiven and Cash Back to Homeowner

Short Sale Debt Relief – One Couple’s Good Experience

Real Estate Liens - How They Impact Foreclosure

Filing Bankruptcy to Get Rid of Your Medical Debt

Understanding the Devastation of Financial Hardship in Both Human and Legal Terms

Trying to Help Her Louisiana Relatives Displaced by Hurricane Katrina - This Tacoma, WA, Homeowner Got Rid of the House She Couldn’t Afford Through a Short Sale

It's Not Over Yet: New Nationwide Stats on Home Equity and Underwater Mortgages

Loan Modifications and Changing Interest Rates

Widow From Cashmere, WA Couldn’t Afford the Home on Her Own: Foreclosure Avoided, $79,000 of Mortgage Debt Forgiven Through Short Sale

What Does Lis Pendens Mean for Buying or Selling Real Estate?

Seterus Short Sale Success – Homeowner Saved $79,000

The Pros and Cons of Foreclosure, Deed in Lieu, or a Short Sale

Divorced Single Mother of Three Avoids Foreclosure and Has $101,000 of Mortgage Debt Forgiven by Chase Through a Short Sale!

How to Come Out of a Short Sale Debt Free With No Deficiency Balance

Struggling After Her Husband’s Death, This Widow Had Half a Million Dollars of Mortgage Debt Forgiven by Nationstar Through a Short Sale!

How to Pick the Listing Price When You Short Sale Your Home

Grandparents from Auburn, WA Avoid Foreclosure - Lender Forgives Their $166,000 Mortgage Debt!

Short Sales: What You Need to Know About Delinquency and Strategic Default

Why a Short Sale Can Be a Good Idea Even If Your Mortgage is Not Underwater: Understanding Effective Negative Equity

Using Short Sale to Get Rid of Condo

Short Sales: What Are Arm’s Length Transaction and a Resale Clause

This Couple Chose a Short Sale: Foreclosure Avoided, and $365,000 of Mortgage Debt Forgiven by Lenders SPS and Bank of America

Gig Harbor Homeowner Avoids Foreclosure and Has Nearly $200,000 of Mortgage Debt Permanently Forgiven Through a Short Sale

This Homeowner Avoided Foreclosure Through a Short Sale - and Had $87,000 of his Mortgage Debt Permanently Forgiven by Nationstar!

Short Sale Approved by Wells Fargo in Just Five Weeks

Kansas Father of Two Young Children Uses Short Sale to Stop Foreclosure - Has $112,500 Forgiven by Nationstar and Bank of America!

Short Sale in Everett, WA Approved in Just One Month, With $34,000 of Mortgage Debt Written off by Wells Fargo!

What's in it for the Seller in a Short Sale

Single Mom in San Diego, CA Avoids Foreclosure on Her Underwater Out-of-State Condo, Has $79,000 of Debt Permanently Forgiven

Minimizing the Damage from Ex-Husband’s Gambling Debts: This WA Homeowner Avoided Foreclosure by Choosing a Short Sale

Get Paid Cash to Short Sale Your Home! Cash Incentives for Sellers May Come to $20,000 or More

Divorcing Couple Needed to Sell Their Underwater Home: Short Sale Approved, with $177,000 of Mortgage Debt Forgiven!

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Want to Help You Close Your Short Sale

February Market Data is in: Recovery Not Yet Certain, Further Home Price Drops Still Possible for 2014

This Homeowner Received $25,000 in CASH (and Had $86,000 of Mortgage Debt Permanently Written Off) by Pursuing a Short Sale!

Multiple Liens and Short Sales, How to Get Rid of Them

Young Father Avoids Foreclosure on His Kent, WA Rental Home - Has $72,000 of Mortgage Debt Written Off

Multiple Liens and Short Sales, Part 1: How Liens Work

This Homeowner Was Saved by a Short Sale, with Nearly $200,000 of Mortgage Debt Written Off!

Smaller Gains in Real Estate Prices and Fewer Home Buyers for 2014

Father in Lynnwood, WA Can’t Afford the Home Alone: Avoids Foreclosure, Chase Forgives $155,000 of Mortgage Debt

After the Short Sale: What Happens Next?

This Auburn, WA Couple, Both Unexpectedly Unemployed, Had $159,000 of Mortgage Debt Forgiven by Wells Fargo

Foreclosure FAQ’s | Get Answers to Foreclosure Questions

This Seattle Homeowner Not Only Avoided Foreclosure - He Also Had $331,000 of Mortgage Debt Written off by PennyMac and BECU

How to Write a Short Sale Hardship Letter | What to Include

Young Couple from Mt. Vernon, WA Has $58,000 of Mortgage Debt Completely Wiped Out and Receives $3,000 Cash!

Can Positive Equity in Your Home Stop Foreclosure?

Divorcing Couple Needed to Split Their Assets: Neither Could Afford to Keep the Home, but Since It Was Underwater They Could Not Sell

What Are the Tax Implications of a Short Sale?

These Bellevue Homeowners Managed to Avoid Foreclosure Through a Short Sale - and Had $161,000 of Mortgage Debt Forgiven!

Results in for 2013: Short Sales Are up, Even as Foreclosure Starts Drop

Injury Resulted in Loss of Income and Increased Medical Expenses but This Couple Avoided Foreclosure and Had $115,000 of Debt Forgiven

Seven Short Sale Myths - Debunked!

Widow From Bothell, WA Can’t Pay the Debts Her Late Husband Accumulated, Has Her $140,000 Mortgage Debt Forgiven by Lender SPS

I Have a Reverse Mortgage Can I Do a Short Sale | Short Sale Attorneys

Young Family from Everett, WA Has $119,000 of Mortgage Debt Forgiven Through a Short Sale

Who Are the Players Involved in a Short Sale? Seller, Buyer and More

Retired Couple from Seattle Avoided Foreclosure and Had $77,000 of Mortgage Debt Forgiven by Citi Through a Short Sale

I’ve Listed My Home as a Short Sale: Do I Pay My Taxes, HOA Fees, etc.?

Still Can't Afford Mortgage Even After Bankruptcy

How to Eliminate Risk and Short Sale Your Home the Smart Way

Investor Unable to Make Mortgage Payments on His Rental Home - Has $81,500 of Debt Forgiven by Bank of America Through a Short Sale

Short Sale Scams to Watch Out For | How Short Sale Scams Work

We Managed to Get This Kirkland, WA Homeowner’s IRS Tax Lien Discharged so He Could Avoid Foreclosure Through a Short Sale

Working Hard to Rebuild His Credit Score After Bankruptcy, This Homeowner Avoided Foreclosure

Underwater on Your Mortgage? How to Know If a Short Sale is Right for You

What You Can Do to Get Your Short Sale Approved Quickly

Military Family From Olympia, WA Receives PCS Orders: They Avoid Foreclosure by Negotiating a Short Sale on Their Family Home

What Do Taxes and Bagels Have in Common?

How to Get a New Mortgage After a Short Sale | What You Need to Know

How Does Foreclosure Work? Can I Stop Foreclosure?

The Senate and Congress: Down to the Wire on Renewing the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act

This Lake Stevens Homeowner Completed a Short Sale of His Home - and His Lender Forgave Him of $110,000 of Mortgage Debt!

Freddie Mac Mortgage Loan Modifications | Foreclosure Alternative

Should I Stop Making My Mortgage Payments During My Short Sale?

Unexpectedly Unemployed After 17 Years of Service, Homeowner from Bothell, WA, Avoids Foreclosure Through Short Sale

Underwater on Your Mortgage: Which is Better, a Loan Modification or a Short Sale?

Auburn, WA Homeowner Avoids Foreclosure Through a Short Sale, and Has $95,000 of Mortgage Debt Forgiven by Flagstar

Home Equity Lines of Credit Can Cause Second Mortgage Problems

This Homeowner Had $111,000 of Mortgage Debt Permanently Written Off and Avoided Foreclosure

Successful Short Sale in Edmonds, WA $130,000 Forgiven by Nationstar and Bank of America

How to Pick the Price When You List Your Home as a Short Sale

Divorced Homeowner from Federal Way Completes a Successful Short Sale and Has $42,000 in Mortgage Debt Forgiven

Home Prices on the Rise - or Are They? Run the Numbers and Know Whether to Consider a Short Sale

Bank of America Short Sale Approval – This Homeowner Saved Big

Is Declaring Bankruptcy the Best Way to Get Rid of My Mortgage Debt?

How We Helped These Homeowners from Puyallup Avoid Foreclosure and Have $55,000 of Their Mortgage Debt Forgiven

What Is a Strategic Default, and What Does It Mean for a Short Sale?

Renton, WA Homeowner Chooses Short Sale and Has $128,000 of Mortgage Debt Forgiven

How Can I Slow or Stop the Foreclosure Process?

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness for Divorcing Homeowner

How Do I Know Whether My Mortgage Loan is a Recourse or Non-Recourse Loan?

Grandparents from Everett, WA, Choose a Short Sale and have $220,000 of Mortgage Debt Forgiven by Seterus and US Bank

The Difference Between Debt Settlement and Debt Consolidation

How to Avoid Paying Income Tax on Your Forgiven Debt

Young Family from Marysville Avoids Foreclosure with Successful Nationstar Short Sale, $120,000 Permanently Forgiven

How the “Shadow Inventory” of Vacant Homes May Keep Real Estate Prices Low

Was Your Short Sale Recorded Incorrectly as a Foreclosure on Your Credit Report?

Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS) Short Sale Case Study, Vancouver, WA - 113K Debt Waived!

Chase Short Sale Case Study, Seattle, WA - King County: $201k Deficiency Waived!

Deficit Income Test for FHA Pre-Foreclosure Sale Program

New FHA Pre-Foreclosure Sale Guidelines for Cash Contributions on Closing

Green Tree Mortgage & Nationstar Mortgage - Short Sale Case Study

Get Paid to Short Sale Your Home: New FHA Pre-Foreclosure Sale Guidelines Increase the Cash Incentive Payment to Sellers

FHA Pre-Foreclosure Sales of Investment Properties – Second Homes

Green Tree Mortgage Company - Short Sale Success - Case Study

FHA Loans: Dual Agency Confusion and FHA Pre-Foreclosure Sale Requirements

FHA Pre-Foreclosure Sale Program Information From a Lawyer

PSBJ Fastest-Growing Companies Honors Ark Law Group

US Bank Short Sale Case Study, Kent, WA - $70k Deficiency Waived!

Negotiating a Short Sale Mortgage Lien Release Even Multiple Liens

How to Negotiate Your Short Sale Lien Release, Part 1: How Liens Work

How to Sell Your House When You Are Upside Down

Green Tree Short Sale Case Study, Seattle, WA - King County: $113k Deficiency Waived!

Yes, Home Prices Are Rising - But a Return to 2005 Prices Could Be a Decade or Two Away

How to Choose a Short Sale Real Estate Agent

How the Mortgage Industry Makes Massive Profits While Using up and Spitting out Their Employees

How to Get Your Short Sale Deficiency Released!

Can I Get a New Mortgage After a Short Sale? Yes You Can!

Why Would Your Lender Approve a Short Sale?

What to Do When You Can't Pay Your Mortgage | 9 Great Ideas

Negative Equity Rate Drops - 12 Million Still Underwater on Mortgages

Can I Get Rid of My Medical Debts by Filing for Bankruptcy?

A Simple Guide to the FHA Back to Work Program

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