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America, Home of the...Homeless?


Student Voices runner-up Azura Adams discusses the major causes of homelessness and proposes a novel nonprofit idea to reduce homelessness“If we live in the so-called “land of opportunity," why would such a considerable amount of our population be so misfortunate?”

Azura Adams, Student Voices runner-upAzura Adams submitted a recognized essay to address our recent Student Voices Scholarship prompt – “Over 500,000 people are homeless in America. What are some of the issues involved and possible solutions?”  Azura analyzes three major causes of homelessness, from insufficient income to foreclosure to domestic violence. If we as a society can help to address those problems at their core, we may then reduce homelessness as well. Azura goes further to propose a new solution, called Homes Building Hope, which is a novel nonprofit idea.

Read more about Homes Building Hope in Azura’s full essay here.

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America, Home of the...Homeless?

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