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Analyzing the Inequalities in Housing Opportunity


Catherine Adam, Student Voices runner-up, analyzes the affect of long-standing systemic inequality in the lack of housing opportunities in AmericaThe Student Voices Scholarship Program results in students from around the country sharing their insights on various topics prevalent in today’s society. Catherine Adam recently submitted an essay regarding the causes and solutions of the housing shortage, and is recognized as a Runner-Up for this quarterly prompt. Catherine postulates that an underlying thread across each city’s individual problems stems from decades of racism and gentrification, and still today becomes a root issue when current homeowners oppose construction of public housing complexes in their neighborhoods, preventing diversity returning to the cities that people once fled.

Click here to read “More than Mortgage Payments: Inequality in Housing Opportunity, an American Reality” by Catherine Adam.
Ark Law Group, February 20, 2019

Ark Law Group, February 20, 2019

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Analyzing the Inequalities in Housing Opportunity

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