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Homelessness is Often a Cyclical Feedback Loop


Faith Follett, a runner-up in the Ark Law Group Student Voices scholarship contest, shares the personal scares her family encountered first-hand that could have led to homelessnessA runner up in the Fall 2018 Ark Law Group Student Voices Scholarship, Faith Follett shared a blend of impactful statistics and personal scares as her family encountered struggles first-hand that could have easily led to an even harder situation.

She explains that homelessness is often a cyclical feedback loop, where being homeless makes it harder to get out of the struggles, as it becomes even more difficult to obtain a stable job. Good healthcare is less accessible and the homeless population is meanwhile suffering through negative stigmatization from the general public. Faith also shares a valuable online resource called SPENT, which is a site that simulates the situation of becoming homeless and can be an educational tool to help others better understand the plight and have more sympathy for those in the real-life situation.

Read the full essay from Faith Follett here.

Ark Law Group, February 20, 2019

Ark Law Group, February 20, 2019

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Homelessness is Often a Cyclical Feedback Loop

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