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Is Desensitization Preventing us From Helping the Homeless?


Student Voices scholarship runner-up, Emily Riley, implores us to help our homeless populationA unique essay by Emily Riley is today’s runner-up highlight in our Ark Law Group Student Voices scholarship contest. In addressing the issue of homelessness in the United States, Emily offers an impassioned plea that we stop allowing our desensitization to large numbers get the best of us, especially when one person is already too many in a circumstance like homelessness.

Society often glazes over issues until we are directly impacted as individuals, and in the case of the homeless, having no help from somebody outside of the predicament makes it nearly impossible to get out of. We need to be asking, “How can we help,” not “How many homeless are there today?”

Click here to read the full essay submitted by Emily Riley.

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Is Desensitization Preventing us From Helping the Homeless?

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