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New Houses Are Not Being Built Quickly Enough to Meet Demand


Yasmine Ahkami, a runner-up in the Ark Law Group scholarship program, explores the causes of the American housing shortage and possible solutionsArk Law Group asked students to discuss some of the causes and propose some resolutions to the American housing shortage as part of the most recent Student Voices Scholarship essay contest. Yasmine Ahkami cited the Wall Street Journal article that spoke to the scope of the issue, now recognizing over 22 states in the country not having houses being built quickly enough to meet demand. Yasmine discusses the importance of local analytics to provide “a more nuanced look at the interplay between housing regulations, income levels, zoning laws, and the demographics of a particular area” in order to appropriately pinpoint the most effective resolutions.

Click here to read Yasmine’s essay, “The Critical Shortage: A Localized Approach.”
Ark Law Group, February 20, 2019

Ark Law Group, February 20, 2019

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New Houses Are Not Being Built Quickly Enough to Meet Demand

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