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Student Voices Fall 2018 Scholarship Winner


Congratulations to the winner of the Fall 2018 Student Voices Scholarship!Each quarter, the ARK Law Student Voices Scholarship Program poses a new essay prompt, allowing students to share their thoughts around an important topic in today’s society. This year, the Fall 2018 contest posed the following question:

Over 500,000 people are homeless in America. What are some of the issues involved and some possible solutions?

With hundreds of thorough essays and diverse views on the problems and resolutions, we are excited to announce the winner.

Congratulations Senator Zavala!

Senator discusses the tendency for the country to “treat burns rather than put out fires,” in reference to our reactive rather than proactive treatment of an endemic like homelessness. He poses a three-part solution: reformation of health care, reformation of law enforcement, and reformation of wages and affordable housing. While recognized they are not cheap or easy solutions, there is no shortcut for resolving an issue causing over 500,000 people in the United States to sleep without roofs over their heads on a nightly basis.

Senator closes with an infamous Mahatma Gandhi quote, “If you want to judge the character of a society, look at how it treats the weak, the vulnerable, the most easily forgotten”.

Click here to read the winning essay from Senator Zavala.

In the following weeks we will continue to post highlighted essays from additional Runner-Up submissions on the topic, so bookmark the page and read some insightful views from our Student Voices corner.  

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Student Voices Fall 2018 Scholarship Winner

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