Dealing With Delinquency

What is the deficiency balance?

The deficiency balance is the difference between what you owed on your mortgage, and how much was paid back to your lender after the short sale. It is the discount your lender gives you on your mortgage repayment.

Your lender may forgive most of what you owe.

If you are genuinely unable to make your mortgage payments, and your home’s value has dropped substantially, you may be surprised by how much your lender may forgive. On average, our lenders forgive over $80,000 per mortgage loan - sometimes as much as $200,000.

And in most cases, they will never ask you to pay it back. Ever.

That deficiency balance is forgiven permanently for over 96% of our short sale approvals. We are proud of that track record! In the few cases where it is not forgiven, we continue to work you and your lenders, until we come up with a satisfactory and permanent solution to your debt.