How Our Service Works

Attorney Consultation

Our attorneys are always available to speak with your client, either pre-listing or post-listing. We answer your client's questions and keep the deal moving forward. There is no consultation fee to your client once the property has been listed and we have been retained for the short sale negotiations.

Document Collection

Our Documents team takes full responsibility for collecting all the documents that are required by the short sale lender. Our team makes sure that all parties have all the lender-specific documents required for the transaction. We pre-fill all documents to make it as easy as possible for all parties.

Title & Bankruptcy Review

We research all judgments on title, determine points of contact, and formalize a settlement strategy for the file. If the borrower has a closed or active bankruptcy, we incorporate the filing into the short sale negotiations to make everything as smooth and seamless as possible.

Case Manager Assignment

Your file will be assigned to a Case Manager who is an expert with the lender(s) involved. The Case Manager prepares the HUD and submits the short sale package to the lender(s). The Case Manager provides all parties with 24/7 updates via our website and smartphone app.

Lender Processing & Negotiations

The goal is to keep the file moving forward at all times and move to closing as fast as possible. We study each lender and make sure we understand exactly how they work, and get them what they need before they even ask.

Approval Letter Deficiency Review

Once we receive the approval letter(s), we immediately review them for settlement terms. It is our mission to get 100% full settlement on all liens. If we don't receive a full settlement on a lien, we work with the borrower post-closing, until all liens are fully satisfied.

Closing Process

Our dedicated Closing Officer prepares the file for settlement, and initiates contact with the lien holders, getting the file ready for final HUD approval and closing. As necessary, the Closing Officer gets all approval letter extensions and foreclosure sale date postponements. We understand the importance of getting the deal closed.

Post-Closing Feedback

After the conclusion of every transaction, we survey all parties to the transaction. Our goal is to make every transaction perfect, with complete satisfaction by everyone involved. If we ever receive constructive criticism, we immediately analyze our process to find out how to improve.