Dealing With Delinquency

Short sales are possible, even if there are multiple liens on your home.

Many homes have several liens on them, in addition to the lien associated with the first mortgage. Negotiating a short sale is possible, no matter how many liens there are your property.

Why junior lien-holders want to cooperate in a short sale.

If your home is underwater, there are probably not enough funds to pay out even your first lien-holder. If junior lien-holders don’t approve the short sale and the first lien-holder forecloses, the juniors will likely get nothing. So they usually have good reason to cooperate in the short sale negotiation.

What kinds of junior liens can be negotiated?

We can work with all junior lien-holders. These may include second and third mortgage-holders, as well as holders of tax liens, judgment liens, and Homeowners Association (HOA) liens.