Dealing With Delinquency

Take action early.

The best time to act to resolve your growing debt load is right away. The earlier you start looking at solutions, and the sooner you take action, the more options you will have.

Home retention or home forfeiture.

Everyone’s situation and values are different. If stability and keeping the family home is important to you, we will look at home-retention options such as a loan-modification. If escaping debt and making a fresh start are more important, we will look at solutions such as a short sale or bankruptcy.

Even if your lender has issued you a foreclosure notice, you still have options.

Receiving a foreclosure notice is not an end in itself. Most lenders do not want to foreclose, because it is a long and expensive process for them, too. Even if you have received a foreclosure notice, your lender will likely be very open to negotiating a short sale - because it is a better option for them, too.