If you are struggling with your mortgage payments, you might not be able to afford a high-priced law firm, asking for an upfront deposit of thousands of dollars. To help you out, Ark Law Group has partnered with legal providers nationwide who will review your situation and do their best to work with your financial situation, so that you get the help you need.

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If You Are Selected, You May Receive Any of These Needed Services at a Reduced Rate

Loan Modification Services

  • New loan modification petitions - preparation and submission
    • In-House Modification Application/Review/Appeal
  • Consultations:
    • Trial Payment Plans - review terms and advise on acceptance
    • Final Loan Modifications - review terms and advise on acceptance
    • Denials - review denial and advise on appeal strategies
    • Income Review - review financials and advise on changes and strategy
  • Appeals of denied loan modification requests, due to:
    • Miscalculated income (overreported/underreported/failure to include)
    • Incorrect valuation of property (BPO is too high, too low or incomplete)
    • Pooling and servicing agreement discrepancies (per RCW 61.24.163)
    • Lack of sufficient explanation or reasoning
  • Lender Tracking - Confirm lender is accurately applying Trial Payment Plans and Final Loan Modifications payments until new loan fully executed and recorded
  • HAMP:
    • Tier 1: Application / Review / Appeal
    • Tier 2: Application / Review / Appeal
  • Unemployment Forbearance Application/Review/Appeal
  • Payment Plan Application/Review/Appeal
  • Net Present Value Analysis
    • Input review and advice
    • Net Present Value dispute
    • Net Present Value request to see payment calculation or reason for denial


  • Assumption because of divorce to remove one spouse from the loan
  • Assumption because of death when the executor or personal representative wants to take over the loan
  • Assumption because borrower’s financial situation or credit score improved to remove a co-signer from the loan
  • Assumption to add a new borrower to loan to get a new Deed of Trust recorded

Post-Foreclosure Debt Settlement

  • Negotiate second mortgage and judgment lien debts, after foreclosure or bankruptcy

Service Release

  • Locate new lender and new loan number
  • Provide instructions for how to send payments
  • Ensure that the correct information is fully transferred
  • Track mortgage payments to make sure they’re received
  • Determine that the release actually happens


  • Negotiate reduced payment plans, reduced lump sum payoff and release of garnishment
  • Negotiate lower monthly payments to pay off full garnishment
  • Dispute principal or fees owed

Homeowners Association (HOA) Negotiations

  • Negotiate reduced payoff or payment plan for full settlement
  • Negotiate lien release
  • Dispute fees owed
  • Negotiate reduction in late fees


  • Reinstatement audit
  • Unpaid principal balance review/dispute
  • Late fee review/dispute
  • Attorney/Trustee fees review/dispute
  • Draft reinstatement letter and proof of funding for postponement purposes

Judicial Foreclosure

  • File a notice of appearance
  • Submit an answer to help increase time in the home

Postponement Services

  • Verify Trustee Sale information given by bank
  • Verify the home sale date (Arizona files)
  • Locate Trustee if seller receives notice of change in Trustee
  • Legal audit of Trustee entity for compliance with state requirements
  • Postponement packages to lender and Trustee
  • Apply for available lender Post-Foreclosure Relocation/Cash For Keys programs prior to sale date in case of foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy consultation

Other Services

  • Predatory Lending Audit - original loan documents or new loan modification documents
  • Escalation services
  • Delay recording of the Notice of Trustee Sale (NOTS) by requesting Meet-and-Confers
  • Track NOD/NOTS for mediation filing
  • Accounting of fees claimed by Trustee/Lender
  • IRS tax lien discharge for underwater properties
  • Obtain lender endorsement of insurance check for property repairs
  • Statute of limitations audit on old debt

Selling the Property

  • Release judgments for sale of property – equity sale or short sale
  • Release judgments for properties mid-bankruptcy
  • Track full payoff amounts for equity sales
  • Short sale negotiations
  • Postponement to give more time in the home

Deed in Lieu / Cash for Keys

  • Check eligibility
  • Negotiate
  • Review/advise
  • Appeals

Post-Foreclosure Relocation Services

  • Negotiate agreement with lender or third-party buyer for additional time and relocation money


  • Chapter 13
  • Chapter 7
  • Lien stripping

Flat Fee Services

  • One-time postponement demand letter to Trustee/Lender and phone call to confirm receipt
  • Prepare a quit claim deed (QCD) pursuant to a divorce decree
  • Prepare letter to a potential landlord confirming that client is taking steps to remedy credit issues
  • One-time letter and one phone call disputing debt owed
  • One-time consultation for deficiency letter