Dealing With Delinquency

Short sales are complicated transactions.

A short sale is not like a traditional home sale. Numerous parties must agree to the deal, beyond just the buyer and seller, and there is lots of extra paperwork. It is important to find a real estate agent who is experienced with short sales.

Don’t try to do a short sale without an agent.

In traditional home sales, some people try to save money by selling their home without an agent to avoid paying commissions. However, in a short sale, the commissions are paid by your lender, not by you. It is in your best interests, and it is free to you, to use a real estate agent.

How to find the right real estate agent.

Look for an experienced agent with a specialist background in short sales. Your agent should be able to show you evidence of numerous short sales they have closed. We can help you get in touch with agents in your neighborhood through our Premier Partner program.