Scholarship Opportunity

The Ark Law Group Student Voices Scholarship Program is an on-going, quarterly scholarship program, open to all college students in the United States. Each quarter a new topic will be announced and one winner will receive a scholarship of $1,000. Up to 20 students will receive a runner-up acknowledgement and a $50 gift card. The prizes will be awarded to the students who write the best responses on the topic below.

Scholarship Essay Question

The workforce of the future is predicted to be staffed with more computers, intelligent machines and robots and less human beings. Statistics say that almost 50% of all jobs will be replaced by machines within the next two decades. Will people have less to do? Will the government need to provide it's citizens with a universal basic income? What do you think the role of government is in the high tech future that is rapidly coming our way?


Students must be currently enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a 2-year, 4-year, graduate level or certification program located in the United States.

All entries must be a minimum of 500 and maximum of 1000 words. Original diagrams, schematics, illustrations and photographs may be included as supporting documents.