Dealing With Delinquency

Why keep throwing money into something that has no value?

Making mortgage payments on an underwater home means paying your lender for something that has a negative value to you. You will pay tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars into your mortgage before your home’s value has even come back up to zero.

Long-term losses only seem invisible.

Those losses - the thousands of dollars thrown into a home with negative value - may seem invisible, because they are incurred over such a long time. But they are still real. With some thought and planning, they are preventable.

Taking a small loss can prevent those larger losses - and get your life back on track. Now.

A short sale does mean taking a loss on your home. But it is a small and calculated loss. Use our confidential Short Sale Calculator to calculate how much you will invest in your mortgage before your home’s value comes back up to zero, and whether a short sale is a better option for you.