Ark Law Group helps people solve difficult financial problems every day. We specialize in helping those who can’t pay their mortgages in preventing foreclosures. Sometimes this involves getting a loan modification or negotiating a short sale.

Bankruptcy could be an option for you. Bankruptcy allows you to get rid of your debt and start over without paying anything back.

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Other services we provide when you can’t pay your mortgage:

Mortgage loan assumption services

Some property owners prefer to give their mortgage loan to a friend or relative, rather than go through a formal sale of the property. This is possible—but it’s not as simple as handing the bill to your friend and telling them to pay it. As we discuss in this article, the Assumption process almost always requires an attorney to get past the legal obstacles. That’s where Ark Law Group can help you.

Reinstatement of your loan

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments and are now able to make up those missed payments, you may think you can just write a check and it’s all good. The process is somewhat more complicated than that. And things are a little different if your home is already in foreclosure. We discussed the details in this article. If you need help, we can take care of the details for you.

Mediation assistance

Banks and other mortgage lenders may be obligated by law to meet with you if you’re going through foreclosure. But that doesn’t mean they’ll make it easy for you. You need to go in with a plan. And it’s smart to go in with an experienced attorney. This article explains why. If you need mediation assistance, call us.

Net Present Value mediation

One of the most technical reasons you may be denied a loan modification is by failing the Net Present Value test. Don’t panic if this happens to you. You can still appeal if your lender has made an error in the calculation. This article explains why this happens so often. If you need help making this type of appeal, Ark Law Group provides this service.

Denials and appeals assistance

Applying for a loan modification is just one step in a much longer process. If your loan modification is denied, you still have options. In this article, we talk about what some of those options are. You don’t have to go through the appeal process yourself. We’ve helped hundreds of people—and we can help you, too.

Trial payment plans

If you’ve been approved for a loan modification, congratulations! You’ll be given a trial payment plan as a final hurdle. There are still a few things that trip people up who don’t have good representation. We go through the details in this article. Give us a call if you need this service.

Mortgage service release assistance

Lenders are allowed to sell or transfer your mortgage loan to another bank or mortgage company whenever they want. This usually isn’t a problem, but it can complicate things—particularly if you’re in the middle of negotiations. We describe some things to look out for here. If a service release happens to you, we can help.

Foreclosure postponement services

You may have good reason to request a postponement of the foreclosure sale—for example, if you need more time to relocate or if you believe an alternative solution may come through for you in the very near future. We outline how to ask for a postponement in this article. Because time is short, be sure to call us right away if you’d like our help to get your sale postponed.

Selling your property

It’s never an easy decision to sell your home. But if you can’t afford the payments anymore, a short sale may be your best choice. Selling your property short is a little more complicated than a conventional sale. We go through the steps involved in this article. You’ll also want to consult us before you do anything else.

Save Our Home AZ assistance

If you live in Arizona, you may qualify for extra help from federal funds dispersed through the Save Our Home AZ program. We have details for you in this article. Please note that we can help you work through the application process—and also offer you alternatives if you happen to be denied assistance.

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