Dealing With Delinquency

You can sell your home - even if you are underwater on your mortgage.

You may feel trapped, because your home’s value has dropped to less than what you owe on your mortgage. However, many lenders will agree to settle a mortgage for less than what you owe by approving a “short sale.”

How the short sale works.

We facilitate the negotiation between you and your lender, to come up with a fair sales price for your home, based on current market evaluation. Then we negotiate a reduced mortgage payoff for you, to permanently settle your mortgage debt.

A short sale is in your lender’s best interest, too.

It may seem strange that your lender would accept less than the full balance owing on your mortgage. However the alternative, foreclosure, is expensive for your lender to process. Lenders we deal with typically forgive $80,000 or more of mortgage debt per short sale approval - permanently!